The History of Steve Piper & Sons, Inc.

Humble beginnings define Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. Locally focused since 1964, the history behind the present day tree service is nothing short of amazing. Originally, the outfit that would become Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. was nothing more than a rag-tag collection of teenagers acting on a challenge by Steve's father Robert, to make productive use of their time and learn the value of a dollar. With a Popular Mechanics rendering of a hydraulic log splitter and armed with bucksaws, Steve and ‘the gang' set out to provide firewood to Naperville, IL residents. Coined ‘Suburban Teen Enterprises' by a local newspaper in a column highlighting local entrepreneurs, the boys saved their hard earned “firewood money” as their ticket to college.
Although his degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University employed him in an entirely different theatre, and with the disbanded ‘gang' following their respective fields of endeavor, producing and selling firewood remained a staple of supplementary income for Steve throughout college and the years to follow. In 1982, with employment in the engineering field taking a rigorous toll on his life, Steve decided to rekindle the tree service and firewood operation and devote himself to the blossoming tree care industry by officially founding Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. Tree Service.
Trimming a Bush — Tree Service in Naperville, IL
Decades later, through trials and tribulations, hundreds of employees, thousands of face cords of firewood and scores of satisfied customers, Steve Piper and Sons, Inc. has cemented a legacy as a legitimate heavyweight in Midwestern urban forestry, while still providing local, reliable and quality service at prices you can afford to continue to lead through the 21st century…