Cabling & Bracing of Trees

Your trees are a valuable asset to your property. Keeping your trees in tip top shape is important to retain their value. Cabling and bracing can provide assistance to your trees when poor or weak structure, heavy foliage growth, exposure to harmful environmental conditions and other damaging factors threaten the health and safety of your trees and the environment around them.
Cables and braces are artificial supports composed of steel that are permanently installed in the tree to help reduce stresses on weak crotches and branch attachments. These supports help make the tree more structurally stable and help the tree withstand harmful conditions such as high winds and storms. If you have cables and braces, periodic inspections by a certified arborist to monitor for changes in the tree that may affect the efficiency of the system will help maintain the system in good working order.
The practice of cabling and bracing has proven to be very successful. However, there will be occasions when a tree is just not a good candidate for cabling and bracing due to the severity of its affliction, and removal may be necessary. Call Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. for a professional tree evaluation today to see if your trees need additional structural support.