Tree Root Pruning & Protection

Tree root pruning and tree protection are simple and important hazard mitigation procedures, yet often overlooked prior to the time of construction.

Construction equipment not only tears and shreds tree roots when digging, but can also adversely affect the root zone and tree trunk if carelessly operated. Using specially designed saws, tree roots can be cleanly pruned in a safe, controlled fashion and backfilled to ensure proper healing for successful future growth. Tree protection can include stacking boards around tree trunks to protect them from bumps and collisions or installing temporary fencing to create a perimeter around the root zone.
By pruning and protecting the roots of trees in the vicinity of a construction or digging project, equipment and mechanized digging devices can be prevented from compromising overall tree health and structural stability. As an alternative to tree removal, tree root pruning and tree protection can help protect your investment in one of the best, yet slowest growing assets on your property.