Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

Facts and Tips


The standard unit of measure for cut sawlogs is the cord. A cord of wood measures 4ft high X 4ft wide by 100in. (8ft 4in) long. Sawmills and lumber companies refer to this measurement when dealing raw material.
The standard unit of measure for firewood is the face cord. A face cord is a stack of firewood 4ft high X 8ft long (32 ft²) X 16-18in. deep. One face cord contains approximately 210-225 pieces of firewood. Half face cords are also available as the smallest sale measure.
Size of Face Cord — Firewood in Naperville, IL
Full Cord
Face Cord — Firewood in Naperville, IL
Full Face Cord
Face Cord


Firewood may be purchased by anyone at the Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. Naperville, IL location. Firewood is sold in units and half units of face cords. There is no extra handling or stacking charge for wholesale firewood, however an appropriate sized vehicle is required. (Ex. Reg. size pick-up = 1 face cord)


Stacked – When a delivery is ordered stacked, the wood is stacked* (4'x 8' face cords, or half) anywhere accessible as specified on the property delivered to, except up stairs.

On Driveway – When a delivery is on the driveway, it is stacked* (4'x 8' face cords or half) usually in the most convenient place for both the driver and homeowner.


$100.00 per face cord (stacking add $26.50) plus delivery*
$55.00 for a half face cord (stacking add $13.25) plus delivery*

*All delivered wood is stacked, regardless of placement on property. A face cord is stacked usually 4' x 8' or any combination of 32ft² if space constraints do not permit. On deliveries where a rack or container for firewood is not provided, face cords will have crosshatched ends for structural stability. Although we do our best, Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. cannot be held responsible for stacked wood collapse where inadequate conditions were not available, or for conditions out of control of SPSI, i.e. weather, animals, unleveled ground, playing children, etc. Delivery fees vary depending on location-please call for pricing.

Firewood Burning Tips

Your firewood is composed of a variety of hardwoods which have been "seasoned" for one year.

The term "seasoned" means to allow the sap to leave the wood, therefore leaving it more porous to absorb moisture from rain or snow.

Prior to purchase, your firewood was stored outside. Please note, if your load was delivered during a rainy time or freezing temperatures, you will need to allow the wood to sit unexposed for several days before burning.

Before burning your wood, take a few minutes to make sure your fireplace is ready for use. Always make sure your flue is open!!
Firewood Stack — Firewood in Naperville, IL
To start your fire, use the smaller, lighter pieces of wood over a bed of newspaper and kindling.

Feed your fire with larger, denser pieces.

A closely woven grate is recommended to keep hot coals from falling away from burning logs.

Each type of wood burns differently. For example, Oak burns with very little flame, whereas fruitwoods such as Cherry and Apple burn with some color. A crackling or popping sound is the result of knots in the wood.

Your firewood is guaranteed to burn. If you're not satisfied with your purchase we will exchange the wood or offer a refund. *(refund excludes stacking and handling charges)

Always remember to be safe while burning your firewood.