Triple Process Hardwood

Mulching Services Available Include:

Mulch is a protective covering of organic material laid over the soil around plants to prevent erosion, retain moisture, and to enrich the soil. Proper mulching technique is vital to the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs by emulating their natural environment, retarding weed germination and growth, protecting plants from hazardous machines, and enhancing the curb appeal of your home or office.

At Steve Piper & Sons, we offer triple process hardwood mulch. This mulch has been refined to a fluffy, fine texture to add distinctive accent to even the most fragile flowerbed.

Mulch Application

Application should be considered the most crucial step while applying mulch to flowers, shrubs and trees. Soil preparation should include: raking old leaves and dead material, weeding beds to be mulched, loosening of soil (usually by tilling or raking), and turning over existing mulch. New mulch should be applied at a depth of two to four inches depending on the bed's ability to retain the material, and applicators personal preference in landscaping aesthetics. When spreading mulch around trees and plants, special care should be reserved for the root collar and base of the trunk. These areas are usually mulched too thick and can restrict the flow of oxygen and water to the roots. Mulch should be thin around the root collar, thicker a few inches away and gradually taper to the edge of the bed.

Following these simple mulching guidelines should provide enough knowledge to keep plants healthy and vibrant for years to come.
We added in a new color called Sedona Red!
Before no bed edge
After bed edging and new mulch


Wholesale Triple Process Mulch is available at the Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. Naperville, IL location. Contractor rates are available for those who qualify.


Mulch Delivery is available for a nominal fee to most of the greater Chicagoland area. Delivery fees are based on quantity of material, size of truck, residential or contractor status, and travel time to delivery destination. Delivery days and times are at the discretion of management schedule.*

Two types of premium dark brown mulch available:

  • Triple Processed Natural Mulch $17.00/yard
  • Triple Processed Color Enhanced Mulch $22.00/yard
  • Prices do not include delivery charges - 2 yard minimum order required.

* Delivery schedule fills fast during peak times of year (March, April, May, and June). It is not uncommon to be scheduling several weeks out, so it is best to plan accordingly.


Mulch Installation is available, along with select landscaping services, on a contract price basis. An estimate is required for a mulch installation and must bear an owners signature of acceptance and consent for services to be rendered. All estimates are free of charge. The mulch installation contract price is all inclusive (material, labor, equipment, delivery, etc.) unless specified. We accept payment by Visa/Mastercard for your convenience. Early bird discounts occasionally apply so call for your estimate today!

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