Stump Grinding

In conjunction with, and following tree removal, we offer stump grinding to remove the remaining stump. For our residential customers, we have a small machine that can access most areas of your property. As long as utilities are not in the way, this machine has the ability to grind the stump approximately 6 inches below grade. Removal of the stump is recommended so that the area can be refreshed with new landscaping. In some cases, we do not recommend planting a new tree in exactly the same location. Larger stumps and roots along with site location may interfere with the new tree installation. These areas may be better suited for smaller plant material with shallow root systems.
Stump Grinding — Tree Service in Naperville, IL
For our commercial or construction customers, we have larger machines that can maneuver through the rough terrain typically found on construction sites. Depending on the site conditions, these machines have the ability to grind approximately 24 inches deep.